A picture of Charlie and Oliver i, my name is Ray.

This is a picture of our cat friends, the one on the left is Charlie and the other one is Oliver. They're usually not as angelic as they appear here.

As I mentioned, I'm moving right along in my HTML and WEB authoring learning curve. I decided, at the start, to get the experience needed in the best way I could think of, by doing some real life projects. If I can help you with yours, let me know, as I'm very eager and willing to learn and share ideas and techniques. I've gained a lot of knowledge using tables, frames and graphics. You'll find a couple of more or less current projects listed below. I'd be pleased to discuss authoring a WEB SITE for your small business.


  I'm just getting comfortable using CGI, so the sites I work on at this time are generally for downloading information and graphics. I'll be adding CGI to my authoring work in the near future, so check back now and then, as I'll keep this page up-to-date.

Another of my loves (workwise) is maintaining PIPE ORGANS. I am available as a free-lance pipe organ technician. I have over 15 years of experience behind me now, and can perform virtually any repair on most instruments. If you play an instrument and don't currently have anyone maintaining it for you, be sure to contact me for a no-obligation consultation. If you are a builder and have too much work to handle in the Chicago-Milwaukee-Rockford area, I can help.

  I have recently gotten very interested in Large-Scale trains. This is a fascinating hobby to me, as I had American Flyer trains as a kid and always had fun with them in my parents basement during the Winter. Large-Scale trains are quite different in that you can install a layout outside! I joined a Large-Scale club called CAGRS which stands for the Chicago Area Garden Railway Society'. We have monthly meetings year-round and during the Summer months there are open-houses at members outdoor layouts which is a great way to spend pleasant Sunday afternoons.

This site is also used as a Web-resident-testing-area for stuff that I'm currently working on. As a result, most of the content is 'hidden'. I sure don't want others looking at any of my half-baked ideas and partly finished projects.

Sorry that there's not very much here of any interest, but I warned you earlier. Anyway, thanks for visiting. I'm always looking for work in the Pipe Organ and Web areas(a strange mix, perhaps). If you need help, be sure to drop me an E-mail.

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